We currently have Madame Tussauds attractions all around the world, but each of the high quality wax figures they display are made at our studios in Acton, London. Replicating an A-list Hollywood starlet, world leader or historical figure down to the tiniest detail is a real labour of love. One that involves a wealth of people.

Each figure takes around three months to make. Firstly our studio creatives and attraction marketing specialists decide the pose, expression and look of the subject. Then over 250 precise measurements have to be taken, either from photographs or during sittings with the subject.

The next three months then see our highly skilled sculptors, moulders, hair stylists, colourists and costumiers bring the measurements to life. From sculpting the smallest details in clay to fixing hairs one strand at a time, we ensure the finished figure always has the 'wow' factor.