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We welcome millions of guests to our world-famous parks and buzzing attractions every year. From thrilling rides to interactive theatre, from Horrible Histories to the wonders of the deep, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

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  • Alton Towers Resort

    Alton Towers Resort

    We welcome millions of guests to our world-famous parks and buzzing attractions every year. From thrilling rides to interactive theatre, from Horrible Histories to the wonders of the deep, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

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  • The Blackpool Tower

    The Blackpool Tower

    Built in 1894, The Blackpool Tower is one of Britain’s best loved landmarks. It houses five amazing attractions, including the breathtaking Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

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  • The Bear Grylls Adventure

    The Bear Grylls Adventure

    At the Home of Earth's Greatest Challenges, visitors will climb, dive, fly, zip, leap and scramble their way through a selection of mental and physical challenges inspired by the Global Adventurer, Bear Grylls.

    The Bear Grylls Adventure >
  • Chessington World of Aventures

    Chessington World of Adventures

    Become intrepid explorers at Chessington World of Adventures Resort! Trek unchartered lands and encounter exotic and endangered animals above and below the seas. Discover Land of the Tiger and meet majestic Amur tigers in Europe’s first overhead trails. And whether you join the team as a seasonal worker or a seasoned professional, you’ll find life here is full of adventure too.

    Chessington World of Adventures >
  • The Dungeons


    Our Dungeons attractions whisk guests back to the ‘bad old days’, allowing them to see, hear, feel and smell some of the chillingly amusing characters from our past.

    The Dungeons >
  • The Eye

    The ‘Eye’ observation experiences include the Coca-Cola London Eye and the Blackpool Tower Eye in the UK and the Sydney Tower Eye in Australia.

    The Eye >
  • Gardaland Resort


    Located on the shores of Lake Garda (hence the name), Gardaland is Italy’s number one amusement resort.

    Gardaland >
  • Heide Park Resort

    Heide Park

    With more than 40 attractions and shows, including world famous family brands like Peppa Pig Land and "Drachenzähmen - Die Insel" (based on DreamWorks "Dragons") as well as 6 big rides, Heide Park is the largest and most visited resort theme park in northern Germany.

    Heide Park >
  • LEGOLAND Parks


    You’ll find LEGOLAND resorts all over the world, in Denmark, Germany, the UK, Malaysia, Dubai, Japan, Florida and California. All of them are bursting with amazing rides, shows, workshops and attractions, along with awe-inspiring Miniland areas built using the iconic LEGO® brick.

  • LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

    LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

    Be part of the team that delivers unique and inspiring hands-on LEGO play experiences to families all over the world. Featuring over 10 LEGO build and play zones with rides and a 4D cinema - LEGOLAND Discovery Centres are the ultimate indoor LEGO playground.

    LEGOLAND Discovery Centre >
  • Little BIG City

    Little BIG City

    Drawing on the creative genius of the Merlin Magic Making team, Little BIG City brings the unique history of individual cities to life in perfect miniature.

    Little BIG City >
  • Madam Tussauds

    Madame Tussauds

    Welcome to the the spotlight, the elite, the ultimate fame experience. Join us in our famous worlds; with celebrities, interactivity, cutting-edge delights and surprises around every corner. Welcome to Madame Tussauds - where stars are made!

    Madame Tussauds >
  • Merlin Entertainments Group


    Would you like to be part of running one of the world’s leading leisure and entertainment companies? Given the nature and scale of our operations, we can offer career opportunities that are not only fun but also incredibly diverse.

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  • Merlin Magic Making

    Merlin Magic Making

    Our Merlin Magic Making teams are the creative heart of our business, providing the thrills, spills and excitement that keep our customers coming back for more.

    Merlin Magic Making >
  • Illawara Fly

    Otway and Ilawara Fly

    Our small, friendly teams help guests explore the amazing Australian forests through zip-line adventures and some of the highest treetop walks in the world.

    Otway and Illawara Fly >
  • Peppa Pig World of Play

    Peppa Pig

    Jump into the world of Peppa Pig at our unique Peppa Pig attractions around the world. Guaranteed snorts and giggles for all the family!

    Peppa Pig World of Play >


    SEA LIFE inspires millions of people around the world to love our oceans through beautiful displays, magical storytelling, and fun interactive experiences. Our commitment to animal welfare is second to none, and we partner with the Sea Life Trust and other marine organisations to help protect the oceans.

    SEA LIFE >
  • The Sanctuaries

    SEA LIFE Sanctuaries

    At our SEA LIFE Sanctuaries, we rescue more than 150 sick and injured seals and turtles every year, before treating them and either returning them to the wild or, if they are to unwell, providing them with a home. We run sanctuaries in the UK, Belgium and Australia.

    SEA LIFE Sanctuaries >
  • Shreks Adventure!

    Shrek’s Adventure

    DreamWorks Tours: Shrek’s Adventure! London takes visitors on a bonkers trip through 10 fairytale -themed live shows – from visiting Cinderella in a swamp to rescuing Pinocchio from the Wheel of Torture.

    Shrek's Adventure >
  • Thorpe Park

    Thorpe Park

    Thorpe Park Resort is an island like no other and the UK’s must-visit destination to share endless fun with friends and family. From the thrilling rollercoasters such as Stealth to the super-soaking rides including Tidal Wave, we offer guests a huge variety of thrilling experiences and is one of the most exhilarating places to work in the UK.

    Thorpe Park Resort >
  • Warwick Castle and Knights Village

    Warwick Castle

    At Warwick Castle, we’re focused on providing the ultimate castle experience, whether we’re working with guests on the frontline or driving the business from behind the scenes.

    Warwick Castle >
  • Wild Life


    Our award-winning WILD LIFE attractions recreate the iconic habitats of Australia, giving visitors the chance to get up close and personal with koalas, kangaroos, creepy-crawlies and lots more.

  • Join the World's first Peppa Pig Theme Park in Florida!

  • Think like a rabbit and move like a rabbit in the oversized world of the famous Peter Rabbit. Based in Blackpool, UK.