Getting splashed by sea lions. Catching a penguin show. Waking up to zebras, antelopes and ostriches grazing quietly in the Wanyama Village & Reserve. Chessington World of Adventures Resort is Britain’s Wildest Adventure. And whether you join the team as a seasonal worker or a seasoned professional, you’ll find life here is full of adventure too.

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Fun facts

  • More than 1,000 animals live at Chessington World of Adventures

  • The Rothschild’s giraffe is one of the rarest species on site (fewer than 2,000 exist in the wild)

  • Chessington’s Land of the Tiger features Europe’s first overhead tiger trails

  • Chessington’s Vampire ride was the world’s first swinging, suspended, floorless rollercoaster

Whoworks here

It takes lots of different kinds of people to make Chessington a ‘roar-ing’ success. Many of them are in front-of-house roles. Others map out the adventure behind the scenes. All of them have an important part to play in making sure every single one of our guests has a wild day out.

Our  Roles

We have so many vital roles within Chessington World of Adventures Resort and there really is something for everyone.

From working in the gift shop or manning admissions, to working within our warehouse - the career paths are endless.

Looking for some extra income?

We employee people of all ages, and some of our staff are working parents or retirees looking to make some extra money and gain the ability to socialise at work.

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