Collage of scared people

The Dungeons attractions use a unique combination of 360º themed sets, talented live actors, witty scripts and cutting edge technology to take visitors on an irreverent journey back in time. The Dungeons allows you to see, hear, smell and experience some of the worst events and people who shaped the City with a twist which will make you laugh/scream simultaneously.

Fun facts

  • The Amsterdam Dungeon is a built in an old church and has old graves under its floors where 'The Amsterdam Miracle' took place, many people make a pilgrimage there ever year

  • In 1984 the London Dungeon was bought by UK leisure giant Fred Pontin, who built on its growing popularity, opening a second Dungeon in York in 1986

  • There are 593 tiny metal spikes in the torture chair in the torture chamber and the resident torturer has more than 70 torture implements at his disposal

  • 35 rats and 50 giant cockroaches (yes live ones!) live in the corridor of misdemeanours in London Dungeon

Whoworks here

Bringing more than 1,000 years of gruesome history to life takes an enormous amount of invention, creativity and engineering skill. It also requires a cast of brilliant actors, who play amazing characters from the past with conviction and humour. 

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