Bursting with real-life stories and captivating special effects, Little BIG City is a completely new take on miniature. Crafted with incredible attention to detail and artistry by the creative genius of the Merlin Magic Making team, it tells the story of an individual city through miniature recreations of its iconic architecture, famous people and major events. The first Little BIG City opened in Berlin in 2017, and we plan to roll out new sites globally over the next few years.

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FUN facts

  • It took 40 people 30 months to craft the Little BIG City in Berlin

  • Building plans are developed using photos, architectural drawings and Google street view

  • Each of the 5,000 people in Berlin’s Little BIG City has their own professional stylist from Madame Tussauds

  • The centerpiece of our Berlin attraction is the model of the Reichstag, which is as big as a Trabant car

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Creating a Little BIG City takes a hugely talented and diverse team of artists, painters, model makers, carpenters, mechanical engineers, and 3D Printer technicians, all them working tirelessly to draft and craft miniature environment in meticulous detail. We also have lots of opportunities for people to join us at our attractions, helping to give visitors memorable experiences of their time with us.