How to Land Your Dream Job

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Natalie Mallory

So you’ve spotted an amazing job on our careers site, and you’ve been offered an interview… now what? If you’ve gotten an interview with Merlin Entertainments then you’re obviously made of the right stuff! But showing your talent and personality in an interview scenario is tricky, right? So how do you land your dream job at Merlin Entertainments? Read on to check out our top interview tips!

1. Do your research

If you’ve never heard of Merlin Entertainments then you must be crazy! But you’d be surprised how many people go to an interview without knowing what we do and who we are. This is why our first piece of advice is to do your research!

Find out about Merlin Entertainments and its place in the market. Don’t just look on the company website and on social media; also look at news articles, Glassdoor and any other sources you can find. Take a leaf from the Scouts handbook and always be prepared!

2. Prepare your answers

You should always practice and prepare for the question and answer portion of your interview, and while you can’t always predict what we’ll ask, there are some questions that do often come up. For example:

“Tell me about yourself”, “What do you know about Merlin Entertainments?” and “What do you understand about the role?”

Your answers should be succinct and clear and last anywhere between 1 - 3 minutes. Of course, timings are not a science, so the most important thing is to make sure that you explain as much as you need to without waffling!

The standard UK interviewing technique is based on competency, and the best way to answer those questions are with the STAR method. The STAR method (situation, task, action and result) is a formulaic way of answering questions to ensure you clearly and professionally explain your duties. To find out more about the STAR method click here.

3. Dress for the occasion

At Merlin Entertainments we love what we do and take ‘fun’ very seriously! The best way to show you’re serious about working for Merlin Entertainments is to dress for the occasion. By wearing a smart outfit and putting an effort into your appearance, you’re showing that you respect the hiring manager for inviting you to the interview, and you respect your own time as a professional.

Remember - It’s far better to be a little overdressed at an interview, than to be the one candidate that shows up underdressed.

4. Be engaged and enthusiastic!!!

The interview begins the moment you walk into the Resort or Office, so make sure to engage with the employees around you. You need to prove you’re the enthusiastic, bubbly and customer focused candidate that we’re looking for. After all, at Merlin Entertainments we LOVE what we do, and we need staff that feel the same as we do.

5. Ask intelligent questions

A good test for measuring a question is as follows; if you can take your question to any job interview, at any company, then it’s a bad question! Merlin Entertainments is a vibrant, expanding company and there are tons of amazing things you could ask about in your interview.

The questions you ask are not only a great way to discover more about the role and Merlin Entertainments, they’re also an indicator for the hiring manager to gauge your interest in the role. If you’ve taken the time to think of intelligent, specific questions this shows that you’re engaged in the role and you’re intelligent enough to do your research. Hundreds of people can apply for any one role at Merlin Entertainments and dozens of people could be shortlisted for interview; so in order to stand out you need to leave a positive lasting impression on your potential manager.

6. Express your interest

Lastly, most candidates will close an interview by thanking the interviewer for their time. This is polite, but it may not be enough! The difference between two amazing candidates with equal experience and qualifications could well be their interest in the role, so make sure when you leave the interview the Hiring Manager knows you’re interested!

Well that’s all folks! I hope these interview tips help you to land your dream job at Merlin Entertainments. To see a list of our current vacancies, check out the Merlin Careers page HERE.