Freeman Fun Merlin Entertainments

Hi Freeman! Tell us a bit about what you do and how long you've worked for Merlin...

I’m the Marketing Manager of Sydney Tower Eye & Promotions ANZ. It’s been almost 3 years since moving to Sydney from Hong Kong and being in this role here, while my Merlin journey is reaching 7 years too!

No two days are the same working as a marketer in Merlin. From leading our attraction’s branding, developing marketing plans, and collaborating with cross-functional stakeholders… Sometimes you’d find me doing creative shootings with media on Skywalk (highest point of Sydney). Sometimes, you’d find me wearing my analytical hat, analysing trading numbers at my desk. Sometimes you’d find me in the board room with our external promotion partners, negotiating on behalf of our 10 ANZ attractions. No matter where you see me, I am always creating magic with the teams for our guests!

Sydney Tower Eye

But working in Merlin can be so much more. Besides being a fun-loving marketer, I also have the opportunity to create daring impacts as a cultural diversity advocate at the Diversity & Inclusion Committee for ANZ and APAC, delivering cultural workshops & masterclasses, celebrating international days with teams, and reverse mentoring our CFO in our UK headquarter!

And what made you want to join Merlin 7 years ago? 

After finishing my master’s in international business & politics, I wanted to get paid to move around the world while having fun (well, who doesn’t!?) Living in London at that time, London Eye was one of my favourite places to visit, until I realised it was actually part of Merlin Group – a global company with a footprint in over 25 countries, owned more than 120 attractions, with endless fun! Gratefully, I got to join Merlin through the Accelerate Graduate Programme, where I began my marketing career with the opportunity of moving around the business every 6 months for a total of 4 placements, to work in different sites, different brands, and different countries.

Merlin Map of Attractions

And what do you love most about working for Merlin?

What I love about Merlin the most is that everyone here can be themselves, and Merlin allows me to be the global citizen I always want to be. We are proud to have a distinct inclusive culture that welcomes everybody, regardless of their skin colour, country of origin, gender, sexual preference, or cultural background, you name it!

And do you have a favourite Merlin Memory? 

This is a tough question… There were so many memorable experiences in my every role, every relocation, with every attraction.

To pick the most recent one in ANZ, I would say it’s celebrating New Year’s Eve on Skywalk! It was the first year we relaunched this experience for NYE (also my first time seeing NYE fireworks in Sydney). Together with the team and guests, standing at the highest point of Sydney, seeing the panoramic view of fireworks across the Sydney Habour, hearing the cheering sound from the whole city beneath – it’s just WOW! 

And finally, what do you think has been the key to your success with us? 

 The drive to continue to learn & grow holistically has been the key to my career success. The tourism & attraction industry is an ever-changing, dynamic, and fast-moving place. No one could have answers to all the questions. But I believe having a growth mindset (and sharing this mindset with the teams) can solve any questions.