Women in Merlin: Amirah John

Natalie Mallory

As we continue to shine a light on the #WomeninMerlin, we spoke to Amirah John, our Trade Sales Manager for the west Coast of the U.S.A...

Here I am almost 10 years and 5 promotions later. I went from a part-time seasonal holiday employee at Madame Tussauds New York to Regional Trade Sales Manager of the East Coast US for Merlin Entertainments, managing sales for at least 8 of our major attractions/parks and helping other locations nationally when needed.

I’ve had many ups and downs as we all do in any job or career, but I wouldn’t trade this experience and the incredible people I have met for the world! I’ve just about spent half my time in Operations/Front of house roles as a Host, Trainer and Core Manager to the second half being Corporate/Back of house as a National Coordinator, Northeast US Trade Sales Manager, and now East Coast US Trade Sales Manager.

I think the duality in that experience and insight has been really helpful. I remember coming in for my first official day after orientation and seeing the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, as I walked into the lobby, all taking a picture with our Rockette wax figure thinking “THIS IS GOING TO BE SUCH A COOL PLACE TO WORK FOR!”. I got so much joy watching our guests light up going through the experiences, telling them fun wax facts, and seeing their excitement coming “up close and personal” with some of their favorite celebrities and icons. This has been a fun and interesting ride that I will always be grateful for.

All of my incredible women leadership like Dominique Sidley, Karen Shiers and teammates across the US and globally truly inspire me! Their tenacity, motivation, drive, resilience and all of the unique things that make them powerfully feminine constantly inspire and motivate me! I have an amazing team.