Women in Merlin: Amy German

Natalie Mallory

As part of our #Women in Merlin series, we're shining the spotlight on Amy German - the Jellyfish Supervisor at SEA LIFE Scarborough. Check out here story below!

My name is Amy German and I am the Jellyfish Supervisor at SEA LIFE Scarborough. I started working as an Aquarist for SEA LIFE Scarborough in 2008 after finishing my marine biology Masters Degree. Scarborough is a really fun aquarium because for the variety of animals we have here, from seals, otters and penguins to fish, turtles and reptiles.

However it wasn’t until I started here that my passion for jellyfish really started to bloom. Their fascinating lifecycle, challenging husbandry and beautiful varieties is what keeps me interested after all this time. I took the area under my wing early on and have been the primary carer for the jellies ever since. I most often find customers know very little about jellies but are very curious about them as they are so captivating. After a brief chat about them they usually leave as amazed with them as I am which I love!

We send hundreds of jellies out across the country every year to other aquariums as part of our breeding programme, and I am very fortunate to now oversee the breeding of jellyfish for all of SEA LIFE UK, which is an amazingly challenging and rewarding job.