Women in Merlin: Bimala Meeuws

Natalie Mallory

As part of our #Women in Merlin series, we giving the spotlight to Bimala Meeuws, Head of Marketing at Madame Tussauds London. Check out her story! 

"While I’m currently in a job I love with over 15 years’ experience in the profession, I started out like so many young people not sure what to do. I come from a hard working working-class family. I put my head down and worked hard to get to University to study Psychology  - convinced I’d be a Clinical Psychologist. After graduating I travelled around India and decided I didn’t want to do a further 4 years Psychology study; so I did a number of different admin jobs while I decided what to do.

It was whilst I was working in admin at PriceWaterhouseCoopers I met the inspiring Partner who ran the practice. He believed that everyone had a talent and that is was his job as Partner to find and nurture that talent. He learned that I loved writing and got me writing an internal newsletter. I loved it, and my copy writing style and creativity filling a weekly newsletter (in a business where not a lot happened in a week) got the attention of the Marketing Director. He offered me a position as Marketing Assistant. I worked my way up the ladder and got my Marketing qualifications on the way. From a tax firm in Birmingham, to an IT consultancy in London; then a leap of faith in myself landed me a role at the BBC , ITV and now Merlin.

So many people have inspired me! From Peter Swan, the Partner at PwC who taught me that your dream job starts with your passions (and to never overlook anyone); to the Head of Marketing at the IT consultancy who taught me that being assertive in a ‘man’s world’ is about speaking with truth, honesty and fairness – and not about shouting loudest! To the many amazing working mums at the BBC who made no excuses for being a working parent and showed that they could do two jobs and still boss it!"