Women in Merlin: Susan Ang

Natalie Mallory

As part of our #Women in Merlin series, we're shining a spotlight on Susan Ang, the Regional General Manager for Asia (exc China.) Check out her story below!

The last 4 years in Merlin has been one of the best roller coaster rides in my life so far! I joined Merlin as Regional Marketing Director for Asia and one of things that still amazes me today is the level of attention that Marketing gets from all the senior leaders of this company, including our CEO Nick! That gave me a great platform to learn from stakeholders across the company in different parts of the world in a very short span of time.

Taking on a new role as Regional GM for Asia in 2019 offered me opportunities to deep dive into other businesses areas, from operations, HSS to HR. The worldwide friendships I have developed in Merlin and being able to achieve so much despite multi-cultures and languages in my region is something I am extremely proud of! None of these would have been possible without an amazing dedicated team in Asia who are willing to try new ideas and challenge themselves to scale new heights!

A strong mind with a strong will to succeed, especially when things get rough, is what got me so far in my professional and personal life. I strive in a culture where I can continue to challenge the norms and speak my mind freely to keep fighting for better outcomes. Fiona Eastwood is one female leader who inspires me greatly. From the day she interviewed me, I have observed her growing stronger, her steadfast leadership, poise and composure with a fair balance of empathy while handling the unprecedented Covid crisis was inspirational.

2020 was completely out of anyone’s imagination. Besides the businesses challenges, I was thrown into the darkest moment of my life when I was diagnosed with cancer in September 2020. Faced with endless dreadful tests followed by anxiety waiting for results to finally accepting and psyching myself up for a whole series of insane treatments, I am so glad that this is all behind me now! I decided not to stop working during the treatment simply because I knew this difficult time will pass faster if I have some normalcy in my life and keep doing what I am best at, ‘virtually’ surrounded by a supportive and committed team. Special shoutout to my fantastic team in Asia and fellow SLT in APAC!

While 2020 was in many ways a bit of a disaster, I am thankful for all the blessings I had. I am fully geared up with my team in Asia to emerge even stronger. As the saying goes, what doesn’t kill us make us stronger!