World Wildlife Day: Project Cassowary

Natalie Mallory

This World Wildlife Day we’re raising awareness of the WILD LIFE Conservation Fund which works towards saving endangered species like Cassowaries, Tasmanian Devils, and Koalas in Australia.

Through the WILD LIFE Conservation Fund, we support a conservation organization, Rainforest Rescue, which identifies, purchases, then protects high conservation value rainforests and restores previously cleared areas of rainforest.

Cassowaries are found in the stunning tropical rainforest of North-east Queensland where many plant species rely on cassowaries for seed dispersal and germination.

Sadly with increased land clearing in their rainforest habitat, cassowary numbers have declined significantly and there are now only an estimated 1500 birds remaining in the wild.

You can find out more about the WILD LIFE Conservation Fund here:

The ongoing critical issue of global loss of biodiversity needs the world to respond and change to protect our planet and its ecosystems for future generations. We must all play our part in raising awareness of this important issue.