Nemesis ride without passengers

Working with children on our family rides. Sharpening your catering skills in food and bar service. Managing our finances behind the scenes. We have all sorts of opportunities for you to join us at Alton Towers Resort, one of the UK’s top five tourist attractions. Whether you’re here for a summer job or to build your career, we’ll make sure you get thorough training, great rewards and the chance to do work that stretches and inspires you.

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Fun facts

  • Alton Towers is spread over 500 acres, an area roughly the size of Monaco

  • Galactica at Alton Towers is the world’s first rollercoaster fully dedicated to VR

  • The legendary Nemesis ride produces g-forces greater than a space shuttle

WHOworks here

Enthusiasm. Initiative. A flexible approach. These are some of the qualities we all share at Alton Towers. And no matter what job we’re doing, or where in the business we’re based, we’re passionate about putting smiles on people’s faces and making sure our guests have an amazing time.