SEALIFE staff helping in gift shop

With corridors shimmering in watery blue and curious creatures wherever you turn, our SEA LIFE attractions can sometimes make you feel like you’re on another planet. Creating that kind of experience isn’t easy. It takes the dedication and expertise of many different kinds of people, all of them working hard to keep our animals (and visitors) happy and safe.

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FUN facts

  • More than 20 million guests visit a SEA LIFE attraction every year

  • We care for over 180,000 creatures in more than 50 attractions around the world

  • At SEA LIFE London, we grow our own coral to raise awareness of how it should be cared for

  • We have the world’s largest community of marine experts

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It takes all kinds of people front of house and behind the scenes to create the magical experiences SEA LIFE is famous for. From outgoing guides to meticulous curators. From dedicated managers to some of the best marine experts around.