THORPE PARK Resort offers a thrilling day out for friends and family, with some of the most extreme and exciting rides in the whole of Europe. As the most checked-in attraction outside of London, we are one of the most exhilarating and action-packed places you could choose to work, whether you are working behind the scenes in departments such as finance or delivering memorable moments to guests on the Theme Park, we have plenty of opportunities just for you. Whether its just for the summer or to build your long-term career, THORPE PARK Resort is the place to be!

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FUN facts

  • THORPE PARK Resort was officially opened to the public by the late Lord Louis Mountbatten in 1979

  • SAW – The Ride was the first rollercoaster in the world to be themed around a horror movie franchise

  • Stealth is the fastest launch coaster in the UK

  • The unique Thorpe Shark Hotel features ‘bite-sized’ rooms that can sleep up to four people

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We look for dedication, passion and enthusiasm from all team members. From a host to a ride engineer it takes everyone to create the perfect day out for our guests, not to mention all the people we have working behind the scenes in finance, HR, marketing and more. All of us are united by our passion to provide exhilarating fun to all of our guests to make sure that we continue to deliver memorable moments leaving our guests feeling truly alive.